The Community Council

Concept:  A trusted group of community members/influencers, friends and associates who can provide strategic support and advice for leadership of the Douglas County Community Foundation (“Foundation”). Council members are recognized leaders in the community, at work and with their contacts who represent a broad cross-section of Douglas County.



  • Networking
  • Access to other community leaders
  • Affiliation with the Foundation board of directors and staff
  • The opportunity to make a significant impact on the success of the Foundation and in their community



  • Identification and recruitment of community leaders and influencers
  • Enhanced community identity of the Foundation and the issues of philanthropy and achieving a broad-based support for the Foundation



  • As a trusted advisor, Council members do not have any required direct financial, governance or management authority or responsibility for the Foundation.
  • Provide relevant, constructive counsel in their area of expertise, and in their geographical area of the County to identify strategic business, education and growth opportunities, while identifying and circumventing barriers that may exist.
  • Assist Foundation leadership in networking to enhance and deepen relationships within the Douglas County communities.
  • Attend a minimum of two, two-hour meetings per year, held quarterly.