Our Mission

The Douglas County Community Foundation inspires generosity, establishes and manages charitable funds, and provides resources to enrich our shared lives and legacy in Douglas County, Colorado.

The Douglas County Community Foundation (DCCF) was created to help preserve and enrich the quality of life through consolidated efforts in Douglas County, Colorado. By establishing a community foundation, Douglas County can focus on the community’s greatest needs through people, donors, charities, organizations, businesses, and government agencies together with charitable giving and philanthropy.

In 2000, with the initial funding from corporations and several prominent Douglas County business leaders, the Douglas County Community Foundation was formed as an affiliate of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation. This collaborated relationship provided DCCF the ability to maximize resources and enable donors to generously contribute to the good of the community. In October 2006, DCCF received 501(c)3 status.

More than a decade later, the vision of the Foundation early leaders is stronger than ever by serving and distributing a large increase of funds to a wide range of charitable organizations and initiatives throughout Douglas County.

The Douglas County Community Foundation thanks the following:  



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The Douglas County Community Foundation provides:
  • Individuals and groups with a vision, an effective approach to implement and achieve their unique philanthropic and charitable goals.
  • A personalized and simplified approach to giving with a variety of DCCF Board approved funds to choose from with administrative services and fund management.
  • Partnership with the most effective organizations to create change.
  • The power and flexibility in charitable giving and philanthropic action by alleviating the legal paperwork, time, and expense associated with establishing a private foundation.
  • Expertise in setting up a fund to maximize tax advantages that make a lasting impact on the community.