Philanthropy should be exciting, enjoyable, and meaningful. The Douglas County Community Foundation brings together people who care deeply about the community and the organizations that serve the community in order to improve the overall quality of life for its residents. Douglas County Community Foundation offers community donors a highly personal approach to giving. Donors work with DCCF to clarify their philanthropic goals and priorities.

Benefits of giving and planning through DCCF:

  • Receive maximum tax advantages and charitable deductibility, especially for gifts of appreciated securities, real property, or planned gifts.​
  • Eliminate the administrative and compliance matters with DCCF handling all the accounting, recordkeeping, and tax filing so you can concentrate on where to give.
  • Conservative and time-tested investment strategies through our partnership with the Pikes Peak Community Foundation.​
  • Opportunity to create a smart and cost-efficient alternative to a private/family foundation. No startup costs, no excise tax, no distribution requirements, no tax return, no complicated IRS reports or regulations, and best of all, the maximum charitable tax deduction.​
  • Use as an important resource for information and knowledge about charitable giving and community needs, with access to critical and timely information about the organizations that you wish to support.​
  • Establish a permanent expression of your charitable values and goals and benefit the causes you care about far into the future.
  • Create an awareness about philanthropy and the importance of giving that can involve family, children, or grandchildren by involving them in the decisions made with a fund.
  • Provides a powerful and flexible way to achieve your philanthropy goals.
  • The Foundation offers a simplified and organized assistance in creating a custom-designed unique charitable fund for YOU!