Our donors create the vision for this organization. Since we welcome gifts of any size from contributions of diverse backgrounds and means, this vision is a broad one. Then, with the highest standards of stewardship, we make sure that gifts remain optimally invested and carefully administered to honor the intentions of donors.


Life is good here –

Douglas County has innumerable places to get out and enjoy nature, such as Redstone Park in Highlands Ranch. We have much to care for. We have much to protect.

One of our biggest jobs is simply staying up to date. We work diligently to know which vehicles provide the best investment opportunities for funds under our care. And of course, we keep in close touch with the non-profit organizations that are doing the most good for our Douglas County Community.


So much about this place is worth protecting. – The history, the culture, the land. And as we grow (as healthy communities do), the need to nurture things like open space and the arts will increase. The Foundation is a way to shelter and strengthen the things that give Douglas County its unique identity.

Back then it was the train station – Now this building, made of locally quarried rhyolite, serves as the Castle Rock Historical Museum.


We provide services to philanthropists that simplify the challenges of charitable giving. Many people have great ideas for how their community could be strengthened, but they are unsure how to get that idea off the ground. We provide everything you may need – guidance, ongoing management and administration – to turn your idea into a community success.


The most beneficial sort of philanthropy not only turns good intentions into actions, but then conscientiously measures those actions. We perform due diligence on every grant and evaluate the impact these grants have made. We also provide an annual report on grants, income and the market value of each fund.


Her love of Colorado lives on –

Tweet Kimball’s Castle at Cherokee Ranch remains open for all to enjoy under the care of the Cherokee Ranch and Castle Foundation.

Perhaps even more eloquently than a well-written memoir, an endowed fund speaks of your concerns and hopes. Whether or not you remain an active advisor, your fund continues to benefit your community with your vision and devotion.